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Half a kilogram of fruits a day is an unquestionable benefit to your company!

  • More health protection means lesser risk of illnesses
  • More vitamins mean more energy
  • Lowering weight and maintaining a healthy body balance
  • Reducing risk of heart related diseases

It is well recommended to have half a kilogram of fruits daily. Unfortunately reality is rather different. Many forget about the fruits, and once you do this your health is at risk. Everyone feels much better after having an apple or other fruit, instead of having a cookie.

This is why the decision you make is very important!

Fruits satisfy your body needs in the best possible way. The more vitamins you receive, the better. Fruits are the founding base of antioxidants which protect you from heart diseases and diabetes. Fructose gives you enough energy to carry on till the end of the hard working day, while minerals keep your blood pressure at healthy levels.

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