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Our objective is to deliver to companies, associations and clubs based in Sofia baskets full of fresh and tasty fruits.
Fruits are something you cannot live without, besides being good for your health, providing your body with extra vitamins they supply you with energy in order to cope successfully with everyday stress.
Fruit baskets will please not only your staff, but also your clients. They will provide pleasant atmosphere and make people in the office feel better.

If you have preference towards certain fruits or different size of baskets we will help you make your decision in order to satisfy your needs. We are able to respond quickly by delivering fresh fruits to your meeting with clients, conference or fair.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at GSM: 0888 227 224 or by e-mail: info@fruktmix.com

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Receive, as you would like to be received!

Isn't it nice to be welcomed with fresh fruits when you go to a business meeting? Fruits are the ideal alternative to coffee and cookies which are usually served to you in the office. Why don't you begin your appointment with your clients with a basket full of fresh and healthy fruits? A fruit basket is never too much to be present in the waiting room, the conference hall or simply to be along the staff during the day!


Fruktmix's business idea is to make you feel better – you, your staff and your clients! We achieve this by delivering baskets full of fresh fruits, full of refreshing vitamins directly to your work place.

Do not hesitate anymore between the apple and coffee!

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